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Who is to Blame?

The Republican Party and its allegiance to Corporate America?

The Democrat Party and its allegiance to Corporate America?

Executives lying to Wall Street to prop up their stocks (and salaries)?

Shareholders demanding unrealistic returns?

Consumers with an insatiable appetite for "Stuff" - maxing out credit cards - home equity loans - then maxing out credit cards again?

Securities and Exchange Commission Directors - providing a false sense of confidence (in irresponsible corporations) in anticipation of big fat Wall Street jobs? (Talk about the "Fox Guarding the Hen House")

An Apathetic and "Comfortably Numb" Public?

A Clueless Government - Especially the SEC?

Unrealistic Demands of Unions (Daddy always said "the only reason for unions is poor management")

An undue Influence of Wall Street on Politics?













Although this might appear to be a Liberal Website - This site was Launched by a Life Long "Conservative" Republican, embarrassed that the Republican Party has been bought by Corporate America.

From the 1963 Paul Newman Movie "Hud" - Homer Bannon (Hud's Father): "Little by little the look of the country changes because of the men we admire. You're just going to have to make up your own mind one day about what's right and wrong."

Corporate Mangers and Executives have a "Bean Counter" mentality.
(A bean counter is slang for an accountant or finance manager who places undue emphasis on the control of expenditures - over other important functions of the company - like Sales & Customer Service)

Example - I was employed at one of the two large telephone companies in sales of Yellow Page advertising.  Five years ago the finance department sent out a memo proclaiming that the company would no longer reimburse employees for paper refills of their daily planners.  In that same email they were proud of the fact that it would save the company One Million per year.  Talk about short sighted thinking.  Take away a tool that helps the employee's productivity.  It wasn't the $30 I had to shell out of my own pocket that upset me - it was the mentally of management that worried me.  The brainchild that came up with that idea probably got a nice fat bonus - Of course this is the mentality of a company that still thinks and acts like it is a monopoly.  Telco management does not have a clue that print is DEAD - ask any of their advertisers.


The PROBLEM I have and YOU should have with this is that their poor decisions affect our whole ECONOMY - After all, these are "Public Companies".


Corporate America is ruining America, creating the same oppression that our founding fathers revolted against.


Forget "Big Brother" from the novel by George Orwell "1984".  It’s not the government that has enslaved us in totalitarianism and serfdom, it’s corporate America – Turns out that the government is clueless and corporate America owns the US government.


The Republican party that I believe in, is not the corporate America Republicans.


It’s the party based on moral values, hard work and common sense. It’s the Republican party that most middle class, hard working Americans, in the heartland, subscribe to.  These folks distrust corporate America.


Mom and Pop business owners all across America believe in a Republican party that represents them - Not the corporate giants.

Heartland America's Republican party is so far removed from Corporate America, it does not even resemble it.


It’s a republican party that believes in the free enterprise system from which business can make a profit, while not destroying society or the environment.



Loss of Accountability


I believe that individual small Mom and Pop (Micro) business owners, as a whole will make the right moral and ethical decisions, when going about earning a profit for their business.  Because they are held accountable by their peers and themselves.


The problem with corporate America, is that it has become so big, with so many layers of management and bureaucratic red tape, that no one person feels that “They” are accountable for their immoral or unethical decisions. “Hey, I’m just doing what in the best interest of my corporation. I am doing what “I” have been told.”  The whole "system" depersonalizes every decision, until the manager or CEO does not feel personally accountable or responsible for their actions.  They are "Off the Hook".



Trying times are causing otherwise rational people to ask the question:

Is this all part of some elaborate plan to transfer wealth and "Home Ownership" to a handful of corporations - or to the US government?

Seems to be going down like this:

1.  Give consumers an unrealistic credit card limit, with no way of paying it back.

2.  Consumer spends uncontrollably (supporting 2/3 of the economy), bolstering the coffers of major retail chains, developers and financial institutions.

3.  Consumer Maxes out credit cards.

4.  Consumer is given unregulated home equity loans, using unrealistic home values to buy more stuff and pay down credit card debt.

5.  Consumer maxes out credit cards again.

6.  Financial institutions end up owning the majority of real property in the United States.

7.  Will these banks soon be owned by the US government????????


Which is worse - being enslaved by the US Government
or Corporate America?





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Update from the Author of this website:

"Close friends know my concerns about big corporate, personally having 15 years experience working at some of the largest in the world. It is refreshing to see research and fundamental shifts that appear to be happening":


"Corporate Executives and Managers make decisions based only on profits for the next quarter - without any regard to the long term health of the company - nor how it will affect their employees, customers or society."They are only worried about impressing Wall Street for the upcoming quarter. Management will risk customer service and other critical company functions just to add a few dollars to the bottom line for that particular quarter or until their next promotion or retirement.